La Location


Coming from Arona, just after Lesa, we find Belgirate. Located at the foot of the Red Motta, it is home to important international sailing regattas. From its lakeside you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore. Walking in the upper part of the town, in the narrow stepped alleys of the quaint old town, among old houses, stands the Gothic church of Santa Maria, called Chiesa Vecchia, dating back to the XII century with a Romanesque bell tower and adorned with 16th century frescoes. There are numerous paths that will give you the opportunity to get to know the area by walking through enchanting views. Among the attractions most appreciated by travelers is the sightseeing of the Borromean Islands by boat! You will spend a day visiting magnificent places, going up and down by boat at your leisure. The Mother Island is definitely a must, the largest of the archipelago is occupied by the Borromeo Palace and its large and spectacular English garden, like the Isola dei Pescatori, the only permanently inhabited area, also known as Superiore, is characterized houses with long balconies to dry fish or even the Scoglio della Malghera, also known as Isolino degli Innamorati for its small and romantic beach. Belgirate is certainly a place where you can spend some nice relaxing days ... wonderful views, romantic historic villas and of course, the tradition of lake gastronomy that you can enjoy in the renowned restaurants. Before leaving, we want to make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to get on the Mottarone by cableway. The feeling is to fly and the truly exclusive views!